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Wednesday, 18 May 2016

The Four-Legged Helper

Have you ever tried gardening with a busy, over-enthusiastic helper at your heels? What if that ‘helper’ had four paws that are terrific for digging, and a ‘waggedy’ tail? Sounds like a challenge, eh?

 Well, I loved every minute of it. Um, sort of.  If she ever discovered that I had a reason to start working in the soil, hey, she was the most eager volunteer on the block, change that to the city, the country…no, no, the world would be much better! Just watch the dirt fly!

I already have more than one flower plot or pot anchored down with a neat barricade of wire, but now, today I wanted to get the peas in, they were already presoaked and time for them to snuggle up under the soft brown blanket Mother Nature prepared for them, with my help of course!

 But did I need Cuddles help? Er, not really, she had managed to spill the bean--, no I mean peas twice already so the poor, sweet little gal was banished to the entrance behind the gate where she whimpered and howled to high heaven and redecorated our entrance floor with her muddy paws.

Okay, since I am a soft-hearted girl by nature, I did let her ‘help’ me water the row and cover the seeds. It was truly hilarious, though. Yesterday I had one of those lovely bonding moments while bathing our dog. My, was the water ever muddy!

Today while busily assisting me all about the place she reminded me ever so much of a toddler who was trying to lick out the chocolate icing bowl! Her adorable white face was thoroughly streaked with mud. Aw, Cuddles, we love you!

Soon, way too soon you will be old and dignified!

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

No Time to Call the Vet

We just had a terrifying moment with our adorable, little puppy. I use an old pitcher little this with a more curved neck to water houseplants with than the one in the picture, and Cuddles got her head stuck in it. I tried to pull or twist it off, but that was impossible! Next, I grabbed a stone to break out an air hole for her. She had been calm til now but was beginning to panic, like me! I raced into the storage room and grabbed the vice grip but it seemed to take forever to chip pieces off that in-my-mind-too-durable vessel. But we did it, we did it, and Cuddles definitely wanted a reassuring moment of cuddling after that. What if our daughter hadn't noticed the puppy's predicament so quickly? What if she hadn't been there to hold her for me? God cares even about the little things.