Tuesday, 10 March 2015

The Internet? What's That?

Okay, I know the "powers that be" won't allow me to use this on the back of my book Mary's Diary of Jesus' Life, but it was fun writing it, so I'll share it would you. Enjoy!

Dear Diary
I am soo frightened. Someone got hold of my diary scrolls and wants to get them distributed.

 They are from a strange, far away place and are asking to stick them on the internet and do other queer things with them.
 Did I even spell that odd word right? I have NO clue what they are talking about.
 Oh I wish Joseph was here so I could ask his advice, or better yet, Jesus, but He floated up to Heaven in a cloud.
But…on the other hand, it was such a wonderful experience raising Jesus from a little boy and watching Him develop into a strong caring Man who brought joy, healing and peace to so many people.Maybe I should let those strangers do whatever they think is best with my scrolls I sure hope no one in our village finds out that I did something so outlandish!
Love, Mary

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