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Sunday, 12 November 2017

A Disturbing Story Turns Favorite

 You've got to picture the background to understand what this woman was up against.  The Jews were God's Chosen People and they knew it. Most likely the neighbouring 'gentiles' were quite aware of this opinion also. But mother-love surpasses even racial barriers if the mother is desperate enough. This mom sure was. This Canaanite Woman knew Jesus was a teacher and a healer, she probably assumed He was in their country to preach to the Jews living among them but she didn't care. Her daughter was sick, really sick because of a demon that was causing terrific suffering. Jesus could deliver her, she knew it, so she pleads with Him to do so.
Now here comes the puzzling part, not only did Jesus not do it, but He ignored her and later implied that she was a dog. (Probably a common racial slur at the time.)
Why did she persist? Because she saw something the disciples didn't. She saw the love in His eyes, and He saw her faith. He saw a tremendous opportunity to teach those hoity-toity Jews that God loved everyone. So why did she run off to beg the disciples to do something? Maybe she figured Jesus thought it would jeopardize His position if He healed her daughter so out of respect tried to give Him a break. But they weren't helpful so Jesus honoured her request--and her faith. I love it!

Monday, 2 October 2017

A New Kind of Puppy Love

Hi, I found an adorable story that I sure wanted to share. It was from an ancient Reader's Digest written before most of us were born, but releavent today. Every night Janice Glover's great aunt would tuck her pet dog in for the night saying; "There that will keep the cold away from Dennie."
One day a cousin came to call and as he rubbed his hands in front of the fire he commented about how bitterly cold it was outdoors. Dennie scampered out of the room, and while the others listened, he came thump-thumping down the stairs with his good ole doggie blanket and presented it to the visitor.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Who Will Help Us With Our Problems?

It was a super-nice day and a Sunday afternoon, besides, which meant time to do something fun and relaxing. What should it be? Both hubby and I agreed that it would be great to take a walk in the park, so what if the city was 45 km. away.
 Now I have this real special dog. Some of you will remember Kasa as a cute small white puppy however she did some growing since then, but of course I wanted her along. With the help of a nice blue tarp for the back of the vehicle, she happily came for the ride.
 Right from the beginning things didn’t go quite as expected. First of all Kasa, who is an overgrown puppy is used to our boring country roads and would walk sedately enough, but these new trails with wonderful strangers to greet and especially all those dogs to make friends with, oh boy oh boy, was she ever excited! I quickly handed the leash over to Stephen, this super enthused ‘pal’ was a lot more than I could handle.
Diversion number two: A friend we hadn’t visited with much for several years because he lived elsewhere, stepped up to us. “Can I walk with you?” Sure, of course.
 Problem number two. The first one was a too rambunctious dog, you got that, right? Well now it was two men that had strong long strides that I could hardly keep up with. I was panting slightly on the inclines, but didn’t say much because my inherited blood pressure problem could use a workout, right. Right? Just as a side note, my B.P. had dropped to the normal range by the next morning. Yippee! Even my pills hadn’t coaxed it to do that.
 Hmm, problems weren’t over, though. On the way home, the car sputtered and died. My better half filled the rad with water but that didn’t help for long. So there we sat with the hood up, wondering what to do. Pretty soon a friend came cruising along with his family on the way to evening church. Sure, he would give us a ride home. There was even a place for the mutt behind the back seat of that roomy SUV. We joked about her sitting on the laps of the teenage girls on the back seat who were all dressed up in their Sunday best.
We got home in time to listen to the inspiring service over the phone and just as the last song was being sung a neighbour called.
  “Was that your car I saw beside the road?” Well, to make a long story short that friendly neighbour helped to haul it home.
  So did you read between the lines? Who will help us with our problems? God will. He doesn’t always give us such immediate or fun solutions, but often enough that we know He is in control so I’m gonna just keep trusting Him.  

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

The Four-Legged Helper

Have you ever tried gardening with a busy, over-enthusiastic helper at your heels? What if that ‘helper’ had four paws that are terrific for digging, and a ‘waggedy’ tail? Sounds like a challenge, eh?

 Well, I loved every minute of it. Um, sort of.  If she ever discovered that I had a reason to start working in the soil, hey, she was the most eager volunteer on the block, change that to the city, the country…no, no, the world would be much better! Just watch the dirt fly!

I already have more than one flower plot or pot anchored down with a neat barricade of wire, but now, today I wanted to get the peas in, they were already presoaked and time for them to snuggle up under the soft brown blanket Mother Nature prepared for them, with my help of course!

 But did I need Cuddles help? Er, not really, she had managed to spill the bean--, no I mean peas twice already so the poor, sweet little gal was banished to the entrance behind the gate where she whimpered and howled to high heaven and redecorated our entrance floor with her muddy paws.

Okay, since I am a soft-hearted girl by nature, I did let her ‘help’ me water the row and cover the seeds. It was truly hilarious, though. Yesterday I had one of those lovely bonding moments while bathing our dog. My, was the water ever muddy!

Today while busily assisting me all about the place she reminded me ever so much of a toddler who was trying to lick out the chocolate icing bowl! Her adorable white face was thoroughly streaked with mud. Aw, Cuddles, we love you!

Soon, way too soon you will be old and dignified!

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

It's Coming, It's Ready, It's Here!

We've been having a lot of fun preparing for bed and breakfast company. My seriously major project was making that hand embroidered quilt for our guest room.
Yes, that took a while. That, and sprucing things up with a paint brush.

Stephen had his own projects on the go. He's been enthused about giving hayrides in summer and sleigh rides in winter to whoever is interested. Fixing up an old antique tractor had been on his priority list awhile ago, and now he's got the hay wagon built. We tried it out the other day. The breeze was nippy, which was so refreshing as we rode along.
It was hilarious watching our daughter's part- pug though. Polly leaped right up onto that wagon as if it was the most normal thing to do, and excitedly looked around. It didn't take long however until she took a flying leap off. I felt bad when that little gal rolled in the gravel, but in an instant Polly was up and running trying to keep pace with us. After she lagged further and further behind I asked Stephen if we could pick her up so she could rest, so we did.
We stopped at a couple different ditches to try out our grandson's birthday gift. He had received this 'real cool' remote controlled boat and the water filled ditches were the ideal places to take it for a spin
Oh the way back we let Polly do her own thing which was quite obviously running along beside us. That little rascal was too petered out to keep up, but boy did she try!

We can't offer any sleigh rides right now, 'cuz the snow is sure going now in spite of the extra long winter, but yes, YES! That good, old hay wagon is done. (Excuse me if it looks like I spelled wagon wrong. I'm just not used to the way you Americans spell it!)