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Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Free Christmas Surprise!

Guess what I found on the internet today? No it wasn't in an archeological dig way out in the Middle East somewhere, but it was still fascinating. It was a book. It looked old fashioned in a way and the pictures were kind of blurry, but the cover sure looked antique! I thought the pages would have been more yellow with a parchment-y look, but I guess they are better at preserving things that we figured, eh? Anyway, it was a book called Mary's Diary. WOW! I mean double-wow! Who could have had a more intimate relationship with Jesus, the Son of God, than His own birth mother! Who could have cared more to get the facts right and to portray His life in a as loving a way as possible? And guess what?! It even covers those hidden years of when He was a little boy in Egypt. (He must have been such a cute, sweet little fella.)  And oh yes, it sure sounds authentic! : )
I'm quit bugging you so you can find out for yourself.


Monday, 15 June 2015

Wallflowers and Fish

Ever heard reference to wallflowers?  They are fragrant flower that blooms in spring, but are quite inconspicuous.
Not to insult the Andrew in the Bible, whose name means ‘manly’ or anyone else for that matter but he reminds me of a wallflower, in a good way.
Andrew caught my attention because he went about doing good in a quiet, unobtrusive way. He was one of the in group, one of the chosen ones to be one of Jesus’ closest disciples. But did he let it go to his head, did he juggle for a position of honor like some of the others that were even closer did? No, and I repeat, he just quietly went about doing good.
We hear so much about the little boy who brought his lunch to Jesus, but who sought him out? Andrew. Now Andrew couldn’t have been a loud, aggressive sort, I don’t think, but a kind, fatherly type. Why do I think this? Because he searched among the masses until he saw a boy with a small lunch, a poor lunch and the boy wasn’t afraid to share his humble offering of dry, coarse bread and a couple fish with Andrew. Perhaps he knew Andrew from before. Perhaps his father was also a fisherman. Nevertheless this little lad trusted Andrew; trusted him not to make fun of his ‘inferior gift’ and gave him the courage to make his way through the huge crowd to talk to the highly respected teacher.
Now Andrew’ own insecurities came to the forefront when he said ‘what are they among so many?’ but he have a quiet, humble trust in Jesus…so Jesus did the rest.
We don’t have to be great important people. Maybe we can be a little more like Andrew and help others, I’m thinking mainly of lending a helping hand to children now, but it could apply to anyone.

Is there someone we can encourage to bring their ‘five barley loaves and two small fishes to Jesus?”