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Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Are You in Shock?

Looks like the sequel to Two Mother’s Twin Daughters will be published a whole lot sooner than I had originally suspected. I’ll make it easy for you by saying it will be free if you buy the first book in the series. Keep posted for future details. Remember you can find all my books at

To get this detail email me your proof of purchase image. Offer ends the day after Valentine's.

Saturday, 26 November 2016

Reading for Peace

I have nothing to brag about: I am a loving mother and grandmother who has written since the age of eleven. History and compassion are deeply entwined in my stories and articles. I chose to write from the heart rather than anything sensational which is why my books may never reach best-seller lists, but I do hope they will be found by those people whose hearts would be warmed. My website describes each book and provides links to where they may be purchased.

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Free Christmas Surprise!

Guess what I found on the internet today? No it wasn't in an archeological dig way out in the Middle East somewhere, but it was still fascinating. It was a book. It looked old fashioned in a way and the pictures were kind of blurry, but the cover sure looked antique! I thought the pages would have been more yellow with a parchment-y look, but I guess they are better at preserving things that we figured, eh? Anyway, it was a book called Mary's Diary. WOW! I mean double-wow! Who could have had a more intimate relationship with Jesus, the Son of God, than His own birth mother! Who could have cared more to get the facts right and to portray His life in a as loving a way as possible? And guess what?! It even covers those hidden years of when He was a little boy in Egypt. (He must have been such a cute, sweet little fella.)  And oh yes, it sure sounds authentic! : )
I'm quit bugging you so you can find out for yourself.


Friday, 11 December 2015

It's Coming Nearer

Are you ready for Christmas? Are you sure? What about that story of Jesus' birth that you wanted to get for your children or grandchildren but in the hustle and bustle of the season it just didn't seem quite so important after all. Here's a little reminder of what the Christmas Season is all about. Sure it's called a Winter Holiday, or whatever now, but remember JOY to the world the LORD is come!! Imagine how sad this world would be if Jesus had NOT

20th  Chisleu
December 4th

Dear    Diary,
I am not feeling very brave today even though the stars are twinkling brightly in the otherwise black, early morning sky. Yosef is
loading Balaam, our donkey.

Somewhere, far, far away, in a place called Beth Lechem, the stars are also shining, I suppose, but the track is so rough and dark between here and there.

There are treacherous mountains just  few furlongs from the road we must take, who know what kinds of animals might come prowling around at night.

It will take us many days to get there, this is happening so close to when the baby is expected to arrive! I have never been far from home, except for the time I went to see Aunt Elisheva I dread this journey.

At least this time I will have Yosef with me. What a consolation. My deepest fear is for the Baby, because I am so near the end. Oh, if only it would have worked out to have left earlier. Will He be alright?

I know we will not be traveling alone but that is not much of a consolation.

Cousin Abigail, once my dearest friend, will be in the company, but she has been cool and aloof since my condition was revealed. It might be easier to handle than the scathing remarks Shoshoni made to Tamara at the marketplace. I think she knew  I might have overheard her.

My sister, Hanalei, claims Shoshoni has always been jealous of me, but why, I am not that special. Some have called me sweet and pretty but she is beautiful and sophisticated. Besides, her father is a prosperous  merchant and we are so poor.

It has been such a trial since the villagers shunned me  While whispering behind their hands.

I am so lonely for the merry prattle we aant’ats used to share when we met at the well each morning. Now everyone just falls silent or walks slowly away while
my eyes dolefully follow them. Oh well, it could be so much worse.

For some reason, and I am not sure why, it has not made that great of a difference that Yosef married me. Is it because of Yaakov? I probably shouldn’t have written that, yet I do know that someone is spreading rumors that Yosef is not the father of my child. Obviously, I am too far along for it to have happened since we were betrothed…

They have been saying that I was overtaken by a Roman soldier. They do ravage careless maidens at will, especially while in a drunken stupor. Of course, that is so impossible! My parents would never let their daughters be alone if they had to be out at night.

My aleichem(neighbors), could be making cutting remarks to my face but most of them don’t.

I mentioned Shoshoni, but really, most of them don’t say anything much . . . in my presence, at least. Sometimes I fear that the Little One I care about so deeply may have to suffer much worse persecution than I. Oh, how I yearn to protect Him!

Why do such thoughts come to me? Most people are confident  that the Mashiach will be a glorious King and will rule with a scepter of gold. If that is the whole
truth, why would a poor talitha like me be asked to be His mother? It is confusing. I am so inadequate for such a privilege, and it is such an awesome responsibility.

I wish Imma could come along to Beth Lechem. It would be such a comfort. But, on the other hand, maybe it is better that she is not able. She tends to worry so, saying things like,

“Be sure to keep warm, do not let yourself get too tired.”

She has told me that countless times, or so it seems. How can I keep from getting tired? I am worn out already, and we have not even begun. Imma is scurrying towards me with a nicely wrapped parcel of food for the journey. I really must go assist her.

Maybe you want this Christmas to be really refreshing. Maybe you are longing to have a real classical book to remind you of the true story of how Jesus came to earth and changed the world. Don't wait any longer. Here's a treasure that will be a precious reminder for years to come of how wonderful Jesus is. You might want to set it close to your Bible and use it as a Devotional, even.

Monday, 23 February 2015

How Worthwhile Are We?

I heard a statement that had a profound impact on me. A man from Burkina Faso made it.  

    “If a senior dies it is like a whole library has been destroyed.”

 Many of us are seniors, but are we wise? Are we compassionate and understanding?  How are we filling in the dash between our cradles and the grave? Perhaps you know I am referring to how a gravestone has the date of someone’s birth, a dash, and then the date they passed from this world.

The Bible teaches us that the older women should teach the younger, (Titus 2.4) surely we must have accumulated something worthwhile in our life experiences. Do we have the humility and kindness to help those behind us who are floundering? We all have different ways we can do it.

Are we writing books’ of value with our lives? ‘Only one life will soon be past. Only what’s done for Christ will last.’

Let us pray for each other. 

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Pre Christmas peek into the Virgin Mary's Diary

My thoughts have been soaring heavenward with a yearning to be
one with HaShem especially today because the sky shone like shining
molten gold. The whole atmosphere seemed to be hushed as if it is
standing on tiptoe in the Shekinah of Adonai, (the glorious presence of
the Lord of Lords.) Many furlongs away the Sea of Galilee is rippling under this same
glorious sunset. If it reminds me so much of Paradise here, what must
it look like over the waves?

I was lingering near our almond tree, which is shrouded with a
thousand pink and white flowers. Over my arm hung a basket filled with herbs since I had just finished gathering them from our dew-scented garden when a dazzling dove
swept by catching my attention. She was such a bright contrast to the beautiful horizon. As I gazed upon her, I wondered if perchance this would be the time I would see where her little fledglings were hidden. I have been intently watching her for some time now.

I was also enjoying the fresh, invigorating breeze against my cheeks. It was sweetly scented with the fragrance of a million early flowers.

Then a Voice seemed to float towards me. I do not know how
else to describe it. I looked around but saw no one. There was such a
quietness, and calmness in the twilight stillness that I was not afraid;
just mildly curious. While my eyes swept the glowing sky and dewy
green landscape a marvelous Being appeared. He seemed to materialize
out of thin air, but for some reason I was pleasantly intrigued rather
than terrified. Then in angelic tones, this glorious creature, who was arrayed in
raiment that dazzled like snow, spoke to me.

“Hail, you are highly favored, the Lord is with you: you are blessed among woman.”

I had been gazing rapturously upon him but these words made me
feel uneasy so lowered my eyes. How could someone such as I be highly
favored? Surely my thoughts have become too lofty, and El’ Shaddai was
about to rebuke me. He knows how deeply I have longed to mother his
Son. Perhaps that was rash and foolish for talitha as lowly as I.

“Fear not Mary’am:” he said gently, “for you have found favor
with God.”
My hand pressed against my throat. “Me?” I breathed.

He nodded, and not only his face but his whole being glowed with a
radiance that could only be described as celestial. Although I was in
the presence of one of the angels of El’ Shaddai, for some reason I felt
serene, and more composed than I have ever felt before. It was almost
like I had been lifted to a hallowed plane. The cares and burdens of life
had fallen away, as if I had shed them for a time, like waterfowl sheds
water. After a momentous pause, he continued.

“Listen! You are going to conceive, and give birth to a Son, and
shall call His name Yeshua. He shall be great, and shall be called the
Son of the Highest: and the Lord God shall give unto Him the throne
of His father David. He shall reign over the house of Yaakov, (Jacob),
forever: and of His kingdom there shall be no end.”

“Excuse me, sir,” I raised my eyes to shyly meet his gaze,
“But how can this be, since I am a virgin, and know not a man?”

“The Holy Ghost shall come upon you, and the power of the
Highest shall overshadow you: therefore also that holy thing that shall
be born of you shall be called the Son of  Adonai.

A tremble shook my body at these majestic words, and I think my
face must have gone ashen. It was more than I could comprehend.
Carry the Son of God! That was my heart’s desire! Something I had longed for more intensely even than to be married
to my Chavivi, (beloved.) My knees felt weak. Surely something so
holy and glorious could not be happening to such an insignificant
handmaiden of the Lord. I must be dreaming!

The serenely glowing face of the angel came back into focus once
again, and when he spoke it was in a gentle, soothing voice about things
that were at least a little more ordinary.

“I have more good news for you! Your relative, Elisheva, (Elisabeth,) is carrying a
son in her old age, and this is the sixth month with her, who was
called infertile.”

I gazed at him in awe, open-mouthed but speechless. Elisheva ? A tremble shook my body at these majestic words, and I think my face must have gone ashen. It was more than I could comprehend. Elisheva was my favorite aunt! How wonderful! How very, very wonderful! Won’t Imma be delighted when she finds out? She always felt so sorry for her eldest sister because she never knew the joys of motherhood!

He beamed. “With God nothing shall be impossible!”
I sank to my knees and with clasped hands, replied in a hushed voice.

“Behold the talitha of the Lord: be it unto me according to your word.”

  While I watched wonderingly, the angel’s feet rose from the ground,
his magnificent wings spread out, and I saw him gradually rise higher,
and higher, until he flew out of my sight.

After he was gone, an Invisible but very hallowed sense of Shekinah surrounded me. Never have I had such profound love, such happiness, and complete tranquility permeate my being as it did at that moment. It must have been a foretaste of the
joys of Paradise.
Although the sensation faded, I am certain that HaShem touched me in a very profound, and personal way. I cannot express what He has done for, and to me. When He left I quietly murmured

Alleluia El ohim Yisrael!

Shortly after this experience the evening sun set and the sky grew
dark quickly. The night air was laden with the perfume of roses, and
the sky was brilliant with stars. There were so many stars that it seemed
like there were surely symbolic messages of great portent written in the
sky that only the learned could read.

I slipped into the house for this little scroll, my reed pen, and a small clay lamp. I am now sitting on a large flat rock near the lovely
almond tree trying to write with the aid of the stars, and the lamp’s
flickering glow.

“Holy, holy, holy,” I breathed, loath to leave this sacred place, yet
knowing the hour was growing late.

I seemed to have been wrapped in an aura of other—worldliness for
the rest of the evening.

When I wandered back into the house, Imma, (mother), was busy chopping up vegetables for a stew. Soon the aroma of simmering onions permeated the air.

My sister Hana came in from milking the goats, and handed me the milk which I absentmindedly strained through cheese cloth into another container.

The hum of voices ebbed, and flowed around me, but I hardly noticed.
Abba,  (father,) came in, and after washing up said the Banoah,
(blessing). After he was finished eating the rest of us gathered around
the table.

“You are quiet tonight,” Imma observed. Her voice barely registered.

“Mary’am.” Abba’s hand was poised above the scroll he was reaching
for. I looked up when he spoke my name. “Your mother spoke to you.”

“I’m sorry, Imma dear. Did you want something?”

“I just remarked at how quiet you have been since coming in.”

My cheeks felt like they were growing warm so I looked down,
and dipped a sop into the common bowl.

 “I’m feeling . . . thoughtful, tonight.”

Abba and Imma exchanged a quizzical look, but I didn’t feel like I
couldn’t explain anything, not yet.

It is hard for me to grasp the magnitude of what actually happened just a few short hours ago, harder perhaps because everything else in
my small world continues in just the same down-to-earth way it always

I hope people can comprehend that it is not that I am so special.
It is what HaShem is going to do through me. I am just a poor earthen

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Mary's Diary; the Life of Jesus through His Mother's Eyes

Some of you have been so good about buying Mary's Diary, the Life of Jesus through His Mother's Eyes, even with it's blah, blah, blah cover. Did I tell you already that I'm getting it redone, and reedited, and I think those of you that haven't bought a copy will like it better than ever. Meanwhile, I will dole out a pre-Christmas preview! So here' the beginning!

By the way, I'll need to think of another title. What do you think of these ideas.

Mary'am Muses
   about her son Jesus

Mary's Journal

Mary's Memories
  of Jesus

More suggests and votes would be most welcome!

April 2nd
10th Nissan


I will always be grateful to my dignified, elderly Uncle Zachariah
for teaching me to read and write that long ago summer when I was
ten. There are some thoughts that are too personal; too profound to
give voice to, but they must be shared, and writing is the best way.

How can I get close to HaShem? Yet that is what I am striving for.
HaShem means The Name, and is the most respectful title I know to
call The Holy One. We hesitate to speak His Name out loud, but I pray
He will pardon me if I write it from time to time. There is something
About  Adonai , hallowed be His Name, that is dreadful, but I long to have a
more meaningful relationship with Him.

This week I have been thinking much about the sacred prophecies
concerning the Mashiach. (Messiah,) What kind of woman would Yahweh choose
as the mother for His Son? It would be such a delightful honor, and
a privilege! I wish it could be me.

Did you hear my tiny sigh? I suppose hundreds, nay, thousands of talitha, (girls), more honorable than I have longed to cherish the Holy Child as their own, but they were not chosen, so why would I be?
We are of the lowliest of the lowly. The Judeans, particularly the religious leaders, look down their long noses at us Galileans. Do they not think we are so dim-witted
about understanding the finer points of the law?

The Anointed One’s mother would be someone without the many
faults that I have! I imagine she will be someone like the virtuous
woman our noble King Solomon described many years ago. She would
diligently reach out to the poor, and needy, and in her tongue would
be the law of kindness. I have a lot to learn in that area!

I am guessing that the Mother of the Mashiach, (what elegant
sounding words!) would need to be someone of royal birth so she would
know how to groom her Son to become the future King.

 But I am of the right lineage! David is my ancestor. We have the precious documents right here in our chest to prove it. They have been passed down from generation to generation, and are among our most valuable possessions.

Yea, I must admit though, that thousands of others are of the same lineage.

Just this one last time I will confess it hurts deeply that I cannot
mother HaShem’s Son. He must be born of a virgin, and I am soon to
be married.

You will not ere in your thinking, no? I am joyfully planning to
wed my beloved Yosef, but when I do, this other dream will have to die
forever. It is most difficult to lie down. It has been a secret desire for
so long, but I will; I will lift a brave face, and cheerfully walk hand in
hand with my betrothed for all my days, and if perchance some other
aant’at ,(woman,) gets this blessing during my lifetime I will try to be
happy for her.

Perhaps it will be my own daughter!