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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

You Don't Have to Be a Mother to Be a Mother

Do you have to give birth to a baby to become a mother? I’ll let you answer that for yourself. Winston Churchill is a well-known historical figure who made a huge impact on the world. Because of the influence of his nanny, he believed Nazism was “barbaric paganism” and was determined to keep it out of Britain. And he did.

So let’s talk about this woman, Mrs. Everest. She was a mountain of strength to the poor, troubled boy. He was born into an upper class Victorian home where children were pretty much raised by the servants. Although he loved his mother it was Mrs. Everest, who gave him comfort and direction.

There are many young women, and older ones to, whose hearts are breaking because they have never been able to give birth to a child. I sympathize with you. Without a doubt having your own child is, or at least can be, an incredibly wonderful experience. Please don’t feel you have failed, that you are a failure. I beg you from the bottom of my heart, please don’t despair. Perhaps God called you to service in a different way. That maternal instinct needs to be nurtured, not squelched. Can you do it? Is there some little one who you can touch, bond with and make a difference to?
Do you have a niece or nephew who is experiencing frustrating times? What about the child down the street? By all means make friends with the parents first to prove you are trustworthy. Have you ever considered working in a daycare or being a nanny? These are by no means lowly occupations. The cry for foster parents, especially for older children is ongoing. Do you have a heart that’s big enough to take one of these older children in?  Did I just hear you cry, “I wouldn’t dare?” Good for you if you know your weakness, but did you know that God is much stronger than you? You can hide under His wings and He will go before you and make it possible. You don’t need to do any one of these things on your own. Besides you can start with little baby steps. Try being a respite parent for example, or less than that, smile or offer a cheery word of comfort to that overwhelmed mother at the grocery store. 

So who is a mother, a true parent? Someone who really cares about children, someone who wants to comfort them, guide them and help them to become happy, secure, responsible adults. Can you do it? Of course you can—if you place your hand in the Hand of the kind and loving Heavenly Father.
Do we need true mothers? We sure do! Do your part.

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