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Saturday, 13 December 2014

The First Christmas Story (continued)

20th Chisleu
December 16th

20th Chisleu
December 16th
Traveling has not been so bad after all. I didn’t realize how beautiful much
of this country is. The olive gardens and fields are such a bright green
at this time of year. I can always anticipate a splendid view over the
next hill, which makes all the climbing worth it. We have traveled one
day’s journey, we stopped a little while ago. I think the monotonous
plodding of the donkey relaxes me. I suppose if I was not used to riding
donkey, I would be more stiff and sore, but that is our main means of travel..

All around us little campfires are brightening up the evening scene.

Monday, 17 March 2014

Just Pretend to Change

This is another part to Claudine's story.    The original is from the Martyr's Mirror. Stroll back and read from the beginning. Part one is The Couple Next Door, part Two: Apprehended, and so on. It will make a whole lot more sense that way. :) 

“Claudine, don't be so hard on yourself,” a childhood friend pleaded as she handed her a basket after the guard had left. “Just give lip service to their demands.”

Claudine's eyes widened. “You mean tell them I won't serve Jesus anymore?”