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Friday, 4 November 2016

A Stranger in Our Midst

As Joy entered the large Sunday school room where Bible Study would be held, a warm feeling stole into her heart. She looked at the cheerful, complacent faces of her brothers and sisters who had ended up in the same class as her and it increased the feeling of security.
               A visitor was in their midst, and although many smiled cordially at him, no one was bold enough to ask for introductions; that is until Clifford came in.  Clifford had them all introduce themselves and the stranger said his name also. Joy heard him say David Schmidt clear enough, but his accent was unfamiliar so she couldn’t catch where he was from.  
               Soon her husband, Nathan, started the discussion by reading the first verse of the text and they continued around the circle until done. The danger of being led astray by false teachers was a weighty topic and led to a lively discussion. It seemed like everyone in the room was deeply concerned that they follow Jesus as closely as possible so that they would not be deceived.  Mention was made of losses in their midst, because of choosing an ‘easier’ way.  Joy loved being in Bible study: it felt like the walls of the invisible church were so strong and secure when she sensed the Holy Spirit’s presence flowing from heart to heart. All too soon the second bell rang and they filed out. Nathan stopped to shake David’s hand, and Joy listened to what the two men had to say.
               “Why don’t you ask him if he has a place for the night?” Joy whispered to her husband, so he did.
               Soon the church service was over and David seemed reluctant to get into the car. Joy wondered how he had gotten to the meeting but didn’t think it was appropriate to appear too inquisitive. Since he seemed like such a quiet, yet likable fellow, Nathan and Joy soon found themselves chatting with each other while he listened intently.
               David seemed taken aback when he saw their house. It took a moment for him to find his voice.
               “Is this where you live,” he asked?