Friday, 17 June 2016

From Behind a Boarded Window

Behind a Boarded Up Window
Good morning, dear one. Did you think I had forgotten you completely? At first, I was picturing you standing lonesomely by a small window and looking up at the stars, but then I remembered, you don’t even have that option. Behind a boarded up window: never to see the cheery sunshine dappling the leaves and making the flowers to look so pretty, never to feel the soft breeze against your skin or enjoy the scent of fresh new growth… Did you think I have forgotten you? No, never. I am sorrowful that our connection was lost, and pray earnestly that it can be restored once again. I pray that you can feel Jesus’ Presence surrounding you and comforting you. I hope and pray that somehow you will be able to see this message. That would be so delightful! And by posting this I am praying that others will become aware of the slavery that is going on behind closed doors. It is my longing and heartfelt desire that through united, fervent prayers girls like you will be set free both spiritually and physically. Have I forgotten you and your companions that I think of as my beloved children? No, never, not for a moment. You are in my heart and prayers. Someday, somehow Jesus will set you free. Keep praying, and I will to. Oh, I do hope this message will get to you. Remember; always remember that I love you and that Jesus’ love is strong and eternal. Keep trusting in Him. ‘They’ can’t take that away. XOXOX