Sunday, 4 January 2015

So Who Hates God?
Have you ever noticed that the people who hate God the most seem to know the least about the Bible, and probably have never, ever had a sweet meaningful relationship with Him? I wonder why that is, but suspect that one of the likely reasons
is because of bitter memories of their growing up years.

Ever hear of the little guy who was asked to picture what he thought God would look like? Well, he figured the Creator of the whole Universe probably had snowy white hair, matching beard, ---and glasses.  Someone remarked that it sounded pretty much like his Grandpa. See what I’m getting at? We are quite likely to pattern God after someone in our life who had a powerful influence on us. That is heartbreakingly tragic if it was someone undeserving. BUT. Life “ain’t over yet” and I want to give you a chance to meet the Real Heavenly Father.

Someone remarked the other day that “One soul is worth more than the whole world to God.” That gives you an idea of how Christ would have felt if only one person got to Heaven because of His terrific sacrifice. One person!! Then I flipped that around. If one person means that much to Jesus Christ how would He feel if the whole world would love and serve Him? Well, that blew my mind, as it were. I can’t possibly grasp That Much Love, but I have a wee inclining, and if you read my So This Is Me article you will have an idea what I am referring to.

Get in touch with Jesus,  pray, and if I can be of any help to you I’d sure be glad to.
Lovingly, Marilyn

P.S. You. Stop sputtering in your beard and saying there is no God and all the rest, and find out for yourself that There Is.