Monday, 22 December 2014

Are You Carrying Too Much?

Hey, did it ever occur to you that you might be doing it all wrong? Okay, I’ll correct that, maybe it’s only me that is mistaken.
  But as a person strolls along the pathway of life it’s pretty easy to collect a lot of burdens. And I don’t mean your own troubles, either, but other people’s woes. Okay, we think we’re carrying them because we care, and we think we’re transforming them through prayer, but are we really?

            Are we really? I've been thinking about a grain of mustard seed a lot lately. That’s a pretty tiny seed you know, but a whole lot lighter burden to carry than the weight of what we call the ‘whole world’. I think a lot of you know what I am getting at. Jesus talks of having faith like a grain of mustard seed. So I got this idea of scattering faith seeds on the wings of prayer. I have far too many people on my prayer list to prevail in prayer for each of them individually as often as I’d like but maybe, just maybe those seeds of faith that we toss in a moment of thought will take root in someone else’s heart. Who knows a quick prayer might do more good than we dare hope.
But don’t forget those divine promptings to prevail in prayer, either. They’re supremely important also.
P.S. I just dropped a quick prayer seed in your heart. Did you notice?